Welcome to MCInfected's Webstore!

Privacy Policy
We here at MCInfected take privacy seriously. All personal information received will not be shared. Your information, whether it has been shared publicly or privately previously, will not be sold, exchanged or given to any other company for any personal/commercial reason whatsoever, without your direct consent from the user responsible for the purchases of the item(s). The information provided will only be used for processing the payment, issues and revolving the purchased packages and/or delivery of purchased goods.

Cheating/Rule Breaking
Cheating or breaking the rules will still result in a ban and we are not required to give you a refund. We reserve the right to make you leave the server permanently or otherwise without a refund.

Supported Payment Methods


All purchases take 5 to 30 minutes to appear in-game. 
* If you still haven't received anything,  try disconnecting, then reconnect to receive it.

If an issue arises when making a purchase, please open up a ticket by joining our discord and proceed to message our discord bot.